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hawk headed parrot

  1. Jessiemay

    Pictures Trying to understand my Hawkhead rescue Hawkeye

    Hello! I'm new to the forum :) I've recently adopted what was portrayed as a "bonded pair"; Hawkeye a Hawkhead of about 20 years of age, and Mango a double-yellow headed amazon of unknown age. My partner and I spent a couple of months visiting them at the rescue before taking them home. Turns...
  2. A

    Henry - 16 year old rescue Hawk Head Parrot

    Hi there, I own/run a rescue Open Arms Parrot Rescue and we have had a Hawk Head Parrot come in. We are posting to all forums, reaching out as far as we can to see if we can find an experienced home for this beautiful boy. Please if anyone can help, please contact me ASAP. thank you
  3. Joy42218

    Hawk Headed Parrot Breeders?

    My boyfriend and I have been looking at parrot species for when we have financially stable jobs and a good house after we’re out of college and I have my heart set on two species: Black Capped Conures and Hawk Headed Parrots. I’ve already found a breeder who commonly has black capped conures but...
  4. ChirpyMacaw

    Vasa and hawkheaded availability in australia?

    Didn't know where to post this- if it's not where it should be then i'm sry alright, i know hawk-headed parrots are here(even if in low numbers) but if anybody knows the average price, how much? I'm guessing vasa's aren't here, but just in case :)
  5. Sweet Louise

    Gender differences

    I am seriously looking for a Hawk headed parrot. I had hoped to find a 6 or 7 year old female, but these birds seem to be pretty hard to come by. I am getting conflicting info from articles, most are saying that when the bird becomes 2 or 3, they get very aggressive and more so with the males...