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happy bird

  1. M

    Update on Trinity

    I just wanted to give all of you an update on my Meyer's parrot, Trinity. In case you forgot, I posted before asking about what I could do to help her get better. She had a high yeast count and a low good bacteria count. I got some apple cider vinegar and continued with adding probiotics to her...
  2. Tapew0rrm

    I think I found Aro's favourite treat

    He gets SO excited about strawberries, it's genuinely adorable. First time he basically rushed out of his cage for more, hahah. I love this little guy so much <3 Link to a cute video of him having a snack
  3. Angela_2

    Growing up!

    Hello! Hope everyone has good time! I want to let everyone knows that how happy i am right now with Tweety after the tough time we went through the past 5 months ^_^ He's growing up very well and has new tail( even though some feathers look weak but it's way better than before) He's turning...
  4. B

    Lucy my Cockatiel is finally much better

    So, here she is! finally acting normal and over whatever the horror was that started about a month ago! Time to celebrate her recovery. For those who don't know, I'll sum up what happened and why it's time to celebrate! About Lucy: Age 15 Gender female Species Cockatiel Around a month ago...