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  1. B

    Urgent Cockatiel 2 Months old not eating and cannot fly properly

    Hello so my Cockatiel who is 2 months old has not been eating through handfeed or eating seeds and other bird food. It also used to fly before but it is too weak and ends up falling to the ground whenever it tries to fly. I am not sure if he is sick or not and what i should do to care for him.
  2. R

    Crop Problems

    Hello, I am currently having issues with cockatiel chicks crops not completely emptying. This is my second clutch of cockatiels I am handfeeding the first ones had similar problems but I would just give them some extra thin formula mostly made out of Pedialyte and wait for them to drain ( it...
  3. Littlelovebird

    Weaning process Lovebird and cage time?

    Hi everyone! I have some questions for you! I already posted similar questions in the Loverbird Lane but I have more questions and it might make more sense to post it here to get more answers related to weaning! A couple days before Christmas I got a new lovebird and it wasn't completely...
  4. Zara

    Mousebird care and species information

    Here are links to recovered information posted by Susanne Russo; Mousebird species size and weight: https://web.archive.org/web/20160519222735/http://www.mousebirds.com/species-size-and-weight.html Visual difference between species...
  5. A

    4 week old cockatiel refusing formula

    In need of urgent help I have been handfeeding a baby cockatiel (pulled at 3 weeks of age) and she has been accepting the formula without any problems before. Lately she has started to refuse the formula and started to take interest in seeds. I'm aware that it's possibly self-weaning but it's...
  6. Zara

    Pictures 150 days of handfeeding

    We're done. That is the end. Adélie was born on 22 December 2018 and is now 155 days old (about 5.5 months) and today, no formula. She grew slow and weaned slow. Starting with feeding her every few hours at 5 days old. Down from 4 feeds to 3 at 58 days old (8.5weeks). Down to two feeds at...
  7. Zara

    Abundance weaning. Opinions?

    Me and Adelie are just home from the vet (I just took her for a check up) and when the vet asked what her diet is now, his face had a look of horror when I told him she is still weaning. The words out of his mouth; ¨muy mal!¨ (Very bad!). He says I should cut her off from her morning feed, now...