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hand fed

  1. J

    Quality incubator recommendations

    Hello, I am in need of recommendations for good qualit, reliable, has all necessary features, and a dependable parrot eggs incubator. There seem to a billion these days and all promise magic. Before I blind buy I would love recommendations from those of you who are currently up to date on the...
  2. K

    Hand Feeding / Weaning - 8 wk Sun Conure

    My fiancé and I brought home an 8 wk old sun conure yesterday. He’s hand fed many birds but never with the syringe attachment in place. The breeder has been using one, but didn’t advice against us using a regular syringe without the attachment - in fact, she said it should be fine. So, couple...
  3. maounm

    Video 8 weeks old GW macaw regurgitating formulae

    Hello everyone. I switched my 8 weeks old GW’s formulae to psittacus high energy plus. Before switching he was getting 125ml three times a day now he is getting 100 ml 3 times a day. He throws out some feed sometimes eventhough i have decreased the total quantity. He just throws out some not...
  4. S

    Baby Halfmoon Conure

    Hello! I recently purchased a Halfmoon Conure that is about a month and one week old. He is handfed three times a day. However, I was wondering when should I stop handfeeding him? I was also wondering when should I handfeed him once a day?
  5. T

    Conure baby help!

    Hi there, I’ve found myself ina situation that has resulted in me having to hand rear a baby conure in the next few days. I am unsure of how old the baby is, I’ve been told 6-7 weeks but am unsure. I will attach pictures. currently the baby is being fed by syringe at 8am, 1pm, 7pm and 12am...
  6. P

    Taking a baby cockatiel home at the 28 day old

    I have bought 2 cockatiels 1. a pearl-(born Sept 27/2020) and 2. a normal grey- (born Oct 01-2020) and I initially told the breeder I wanted to take them home once they're fully weaned, however, the breeder has just informed me that she is traveling on Nov 1 and would like if I take them home...
  7. A

    Help!! One year Old African Grey still requires to be hand fed

    Hi All, I have a One year old African Grey which still begs to be handfed through a syringe. I have tried various methods to get the greyt to eat on its own but he simply does not eat/drink when food/water is given in a bowl. But he will eat/drink it when i feed through a syringe. i have tried...
  8. V3tqueen

    Moody baby tiel

    Hi! I’m super new to these forums so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong. My 5 week old baby tiel Pepper is doing super well, I’ve had him for about two weeks now and his hand feeding and daily routine is good. He is gaining weight, he got his feathers, and is generally a healthy and active...