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  1. E

    Recent budgie death advive

    Hi everyone, new to this forum as facebook groups were getting very toxic. My partner and I are very sad as we lost our first budgie Brenda on Saturday. I was home with her and it was all very sudden. I am blaming myself and I am hoping to get some comfort and advice from here. For context...
  2. Summzz

    My little baby girl and best friend has passed, I need advice on how to help my other baby through it.

    I honestly thought I would never be posting this/ asking about this soon. I lost my 12-year-old baby girl on the 7th and I'm super distraught. I had gotten sick at the beginning of February and sadly wasn't able to take care of my babies for three days. My mom was looking after them (she knows...
  3. C

    Coping with my caiques death

    WARNING SAD STORY My caique passed away last night at ~7 years old. My little sister decided to adopt a stray cat and the cat decided it wanted my bird. I am beyond devastated and it was an incident that could have been avoided if we just told her to give up the cat (but how could we do tell...
  4. MajesticOcelol

    Pictures Sulphur

    :sorrow::budgie6: My young budgie Sulphur passed away somewhere between late last night and this morning.. I had suspected respiratory issues, but the vets didn't see much wrong with her. I saw a lot of the signs, and last night she started jumping off any perch I put her on to sit in the...
  5. gavagai

    Greetings from Texas

    Hi all. I have a long history with birds, going back most of my life to around my 11th birthday. I'm going to share my whole horrible history, including the various things horrible things I did in the process of learning to keep birds. Beginnings Before I had birds I'd had fish, which I'd...