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green cheek baby

  1. YogiBird

    Biting Conure

    I have an 8 month old green cheek conure and shes a cuddle bug. She is very sweet with people and loves attention, but now for some reason shes decided that she wants to bite. She is fed TOPS pellets, fruits and veggies. She has a lot of toys to chew on and a lot of outside time. She flies to me...
  2. J

    When to Put a Baby in Cage

    Good Evening, I’ve been hand raising my baby green cheek conure, and they are getting very playful and starting to fly (we’re about 6 weeks old atp) my concern is my cage is about 6 feet from floor to ceiling and don’t want baby to fall, i’ve done lots of online research but can’t seem to come...
  3. J

    Pictures 5 Week Old GCC

    Im hand feeding a baby green cheek at the moment and am doing formula 3 times a day, but I would like to know how much pellets/seeds in grams to be offering a day, he eats them and likes them a lot but I don’t want to give to much or to little(all other advice is more than welcome)
  4. YogiBird

    VERY nippy baby conure

    I recently got a baby conure to add to my flock. She is VERY nippy, and i am trying my best to teach her that this is not okay. I am trying to determine WHEN it happens so i can know the triggers... but its hard. sometimes she will fly to me and be at peace (Im not moving btw) and then all of a...
  5. N

    She's really angry and I want to help her

    Hi! I have a green cheek conure baby that's 4 months and a half old more or less, I have her since she's been 20 days old so I basically raised her. I have other types of birds in my house and we are aware of everything and how to give them the best life ever. She's very cheerful and...
  6. devin711

    New Baby Conure Advice

    I adopted a green cheek conure 2 days ago, he’s 11 weeks old and hand raised/tamed. So far he’s comfortable with hands but definitely a little nervous in his new environment and cage. He already knows step up but tends to not listen well when inside his cage (I’ve been avoiding taking him out a...
  7. birdbeaks

    baby green cheek finally home!!

    hey everyone! as most of you know, i’ve been posting on this forum for awhile now about my new baby green cheek. well, i finally got him!! he’s home with me now. his name is baz and he is seriously such a sweet baby. i got him about three days ago now and he’s already stepping up! he’s so...
  8. D

    Green cheek color mutation

    Hello, my pets decided to have babies. I am very curious about their color mutation. Parents are what I think a yellowsided dilute and a pineapple (I will attach pic). Three of the babies I think they are like dad (yellosided dilutes) and one looks like a normal green cheek. Is this possible? No...
  9. zar1

    Help me please desperate really desperate

    Hi everyone. I need some serious advice. It’s been about 5-6 months since I adopted my Green cheek conure from a pet store. Butter is about 7 months old. He‘s a very friendly bird to an extent. I’ve taught him a range of tricks that include using my hand and he’s been very receptive towards it...
  10. DuckyLou

    Help me prepare for puberty?

    Hi Avian Family! Duck is officially 7 months old as of today. She is lovable and snuggly, and an overall sweetheart. I know that puberty will hit at some point, and I’m prepared for a change of behavior (teenagers, am I right?). I’m hoping to get some insight to help me prepare for what I’m in...
  11. Birdman696

    Where should I purchase a GCC from?

    So, after months of research I’ve decided to get a green cheek conure. I know I’m capable of caring. For one as I usually have nothing to do during the day, so I can easily devote 4-6 hours to the bird daily, my biggest dilemma is where to purchase the bird. I have contacted a breeder who sells...
  12. cindypanny

    Will green cheek mate with their parents?

    Hi guys! I'm a newbie at breeding (didn't know my gcc laid eggs), my question is, when my baby green cheek conure (about 1 week old) grows up to a fully adult, will it try to mate with its parent?? because I have a pineapple green cheek and a normal turquoise green cheek and they live together...
  13. conureluv

    Urgent Why is his poop green?!

    We’re feeding my 2. Mo old green cheek Zupreem natural pellets and Zupreem fruit blend pellets and his poop is a lime green/brown. Everywhere I’ve read says that’s a serious problem and I’m really worried! I’m immediately taking him off the fruit pellets and I am going to see what happens!
  14. conureluv

    Green cheek conure bonding

    It’s the second day with my 2 mo. old Percy, and he is stepping up and climbing up onto my shoulder! I’m super happy, but I have problems getting him down. Any help?
  15. mothhteeth

    Stunted 3 month old Green Cheek Conure

    this little baby is supposedly three months old, we got him from a really wack breeder on craigslist and we got him because when we saw him we were so concerned. (granted we shouldnt have bought him because it just rewards the breeder for bad practices)(we're planning on trying to report them...