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  1. keikoasmom

    Naked Goffin Plucks Buddy Bald

    Our Goffin, Bubo, has had a feather chewing problem for years. In the last year we tried soft collars and dresses but she can destroy those too. I just read the article about giardia, and I'm going to ask my vet what he thinks. It does seem that January is molting time for most of our...
  2. happyskip

    Urgent Green Patch Under Goffin's Skin

    Hello! I have a 5 year old Goffin Cockatoo named Dr. Skip and he's been having a lot of plucking problems. He's currently taking medication from it, but the problem currently I don't think has to do with the plucking. (I know there's a lot of self mutilation and plucking issues on his back but...
  3. AzKhaleesi

    My rescue screams ....a lot

    Hi All, I'm new to this but hoping for a bit of help....without judgment please. I have adopted a Goffin Cockatoo named June. She is absolutely amazing and beautiful and such a sweet sweet bird. She kisses and says hello and up up. I have recently taught her (almost) to say Love you. When...
  4. AzKhaleesi

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, New to Avian Ave. I am an avid bird lover, I have 4 feather babies I love so much and about to get a fifth. I just started my feathered family a year ago, and the addiction took off. (pun intended) I have had numerous other "pets" but birds are by far my favorite. Every day I'm...
  5. S

    Galah or Goffin Breeders?

    I live in Florida and I hope to find a fairly affordable ($1,500 or less) cockatoo breeder of the goffins or galah species. I am willing to see breeders who ship too! I’ve been doing a ton of searching but all I keep finding are scam sites.... thanks in advance for any help!
  6. R

    Make new bird's transition as easy as possible.

    Hi I am finally getting my dreambird after 15 years of wanting one. A Goffin Cockatoo. He lives 7 hours away so we will be meeting halfway. The owner has been looking for the right home for almost two months and I am still in shock that she chose me. I fell in love with cockatood when I was 14...
  7. PrettyBirdy

    Show Me Your Cages!!

    Hi Y'all!! I have a one year old Goffins named Frankie, and I am getting her a new cage! The one I have her in is a fine size, but that's really it, fine, not a lot of extra room, and I have always wanted something bigger for her. I just got a new job, that will have me out of the house more, so...
  8. PrettyBirdy

    Urgent Broken Blood Feather

    Hi, my baby G2 Frankie broke an almost fully grown blood feather on the underside of her wing. The bleeding isn't bad, and actually seems to have stopped, but I decided to pull it, so it doesn't start. I toweled her, and tried, and tried again, but she's too big for me to hold her in a towel...
  9. Sarah Shrader

    Hello fellow bird people!

    I am a new mommy to a 20 year old female Goffin Cockatoo, Winter. I also currently have a 8 month old Sun Conure, Mikko. Use to have 2 budgies.