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  1. T

    AGY treatment

    So my male budgie became sick about four months ago he always had poop stuck to his vent so I took him to vet and the doctor said he has infection and gave him gentamicin and another antibiotic which I don't remember it's name after some time using the medicine my became healthy again and was...
  2. FlockofFive

    Found mold on our GCC's sleep cage water bowl - please take care!

    We found mold on our parrot's water bowl in her sleeping cage! Please learn from our mistake. Summer is a dangerous time for our fids - with increased humidity, the danger for acquiring fungal infections also increase! We decided to post this video to raise awareness.
  3. midsummermagic

    Urgent Help! I am out of options..

    Please help!!! My parrot, Buddy, has been battling various medical issues for over a year now. The vets still don't know how to get whatever he's got under control. I have expended way beyond my budget in vet visits, tests, medicine, supplements, etc and have no more money left. I am...