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  1. niamhk

    should i get my conure a friend?

    I have a green cheek conure called Emi! she’s lovely! she’s super playful and friendly. the only thing is is she’s very attached to me, which is fine i don’t mind most the time! at night times when i put her to bed she still is desperate to come out and play. even at 8:30pm after a day of...
  2. I

    Eclectus friends?

    Im thinking of getting a friend for my eclectus, specifically a moustache parakeet, gcc, or a quaker,?any ideas?
  3. Hawkward

    Growing my flock?

    New here! Thank you in advance for any information and help! This place really has been so helpful in all areas since getting my parrotlet. :bpletm: Okay, so I have a Parrotlet named Cosmo, who I adore. I know I have read many things about parrotlets being mostly loners, and territorial, but I...
  4. Gemini Jones

    Hello! I'm Gemini ♊

    Hello! My name is Gemini. Im a happy cockatiel. See my smile! My momma loves me very much and thought that if we joined this forum, she may learn ways to better care for me and strengthen our special bond. She has hand raised me since I hatched from my egg. She's my best friend. I love to clean...
  5. Nazguul

    Cage mates?

    greetings! I am going to be getting a ring neck dove in the next few days and i was looking for a smaller bird to get for a cage mate. Parakeet/budgies were the first thing to come to mind but i want to be sure it will be safe first. I read that parakeets might be aggressive towards the dove...