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  1. Diveks

    Your opinions on the best handfeeding formula?

    so i've been handfeeding baby birds for years but I have never settled on one brand. My lovebirds will be hatching soon and I will have to handfeed some from day 1 (don't worry i know how much work it would be and i do have previous experience with day olds) as one of the parents misteriously...
  2. S

    Best formulas for budgies

    Typically I do not hand rear my budgies unless I have to for some safety reason, as I am a proponent of avoiding hand feeding species like budgies because they are easily socialized and tamed by simple gentle handling during and after weaning. However, I do have occasions to hand feed if it is...
  3. G

    New hatchling, formula consistency question

    Hi all, I have a question about the consistency of the formula for a 4 day old chick. Backstory, our cockatiels laid 3 eggs, one was bad, one hatched and the parents neglected/ killed it, and the 3rd hatched as well. They almost started taking care of it, then started to neglect and abuse it...
  4. N

    Cockatiel not weaning

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I have a 20 week old cockatiel, he is very social and active and seems to have hit all of his "benchmarks", only problem is he does not show any signs of weaning off his formula. I no longer give it to him in a syringe, but in a little bowl for him. He eats seeds and...
  5. V3tqueen

    Moody baby tiel

    Hi! I’m super new to these forums so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong. My 5 week old baby tiel Pepper is doing super well, I’ve had him for about two weeks now and his hand feeding and daily routine is good. He is gaining weight, he got his feathers, and is generally a healthy and active...
  6. R

    What Is The Best Hand Feeding Formula

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions pertaining the brands of cockatiel hand feeding formulas. I plan to try my hand at hand feeding my next clutch of cockatiels, I bred my cockatiels last year and the parents successfully raised three chicks.:) So here is what I think I have found so far: I...
  7. Littlelovebird

    Weaning process Lovebird and cage time?

    Hi everyone! I have some questions for you! I already posted similar questions in the Loverbird Lane but I have more questions and it might make more sense to post it here to get more answers related to weaning! A couple days before Christmas I got a new lovebird and it wasn't completely...
  8. Kestrel

    12 week old cockatiel still not weaning!

    So my tiel, Ayrendi, will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and she is showing zero signs of wanting to slow down on her formula feedings. That said she IS eating seed, pellets and veggies every day. She has been eating all three for a few days now. In fact she's chowing down on the seed and pellets...
  9. T

    3 week old love bird won’t eat. Help!!

    hi guys, two days ago I was given a 3 week old lovie orphan. I’ve hand raised cocktails in the past with no issues but my new lovie won’t eat formula! I’ve tried syringe and spoon, changing formulas but I’ve had no luck. I’ve only managed to half fill his crop twice in two days. He won’t open...
  10. C

    Home made cockatiel formula

    Hello fellow tiel lovers! I was wondering if there is a home recipe for cockatiel formula? Thanks!
  11. Small farm

    Preferred Macaw Formula

    Please use poll at the top of the page. What hand feeding formula do you prefer with a baby macaw? Thanks!
  12. fluttertaube

    Pictures Help, need to change my pigeon's diet

    Hi bird-folk! This is pretty urgent, so I'll jump right in: I keep a rescue-turned-companion house pigeon who has PMV. I found him when he was around five weeks or so old, and he will be one year old soon. The problem is that he has not regained the ability to self-feed (if he ever even...