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  1. Bethannie Rose

    Why are my budgies fighting?

    I’ve had two budgies (1 male 1 female) in a considerably large cage together for close to a year now and they’ve gotten along great except at the start of this week they started fighting! I suspect this to be hormonal but I’m not sure what to do? At the moment i have them separated in 2 separate...
  2. Mccookrem

    two young ringnecks introduction issues

    I am new to ringnecks, have a dna tested female for the last 2 months she was hand fed and tame but can be nippy. I recently came accross a blue male same age also handfed surgically sexed and tattooed from breeder. I have tryied to let them out together but she will not have it and chased him...
  3. C

    HELP! Linnie is suddenly attacking his partner

    I need urgent advice. About a week ago I moved my two linnies into a new cage (the old one has already been thrown away - it was rusty) and tonight my male bird has suddenly started chasing and attacking his mate. I am assuming this must be a territorial issue, or perhaps an adverse reaction to...