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feather condition

  1. R

    Found a budgie

    New here and apologies for asking in advance. I found a budgie flying around my house, for four or five days I tried to get him, and today I finally coaxed him into a cage. On the first or second day I noticed a spot on his lower back(?) above his tail has exposed feathers as in you see the...
  2. Y

    Cockatiel feather problem? deformity?

    I've had my tiel for about 2 years, he was around 2 when I got him. Recently some of his feathers have been deformed, about 3-4 since very early march. Its not always the same feather/from the same place and some of the feathers he loses are normal. To my knowledge he has never been clipped, I'm...
  3. chondlr

    Frayed Tail and Black Marks on Conure?

    I have a crimson bellied conure named Eddie - he’s 6 months old and I’ve been really concerned about his feathers. I’ve had green cheek conures before (a turquoise and a cinnamon) but he’s my first CBC and it’s only on him that I’ve noticed these black marks on his wings, and the end of his tail...
  4. 12345678910112

    Disabled diamond injured again

    Some of you guys may heard of Lovey my disabled diamond who has a permanent broken wing that causes him to flip over on his back. He recently recovered from a serious injury but sadly it has happened again. While we were asleep he flipped over and his claws dug into his head trying to flip...