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  1. flyzipper

    The tone our birds use when talking

    I commented this in another thread that I don't want to derail... As examples, Jericho will say, "stop!", with a pleading tone, while Oscar sometimes yells, "quiet!", in an angy demanding manner. Jericho's innocence reinforces that glimpse into his life before me -- he behaves as you might...
  2. redrose27

    Hagen's Budgie seed mix Good quality or Bad

    Hey there, I have been searching for a better seed for kony (budgie). Right now she has gout and I am trying to get her to eat Lafeber senior nutriberries but so far all my attempts have failed. So now im looking into sprouting seeds to give her a diet of veggies, berries (to help with uric acid...
  3. 3

    Is he moulding, plucking his feathers, or is he ok?

    So I recently got a pet canary as a gift, and so far he's been well, happy and singing. Today thought, he's very silent and he keeps ruffling his feathers and grooming them I think, I'm not sure. I saw someone say that during their moulding periods male canaries don't sing (he's a male) and...
  4. Marlienchen

    A few questions for Parrotlet owners

    Hello everyone! I already talked about wanting to get birds in another Thread and the Parrotlet was recommendet to me. Now I informed myself online and we're not completely settled on Parrotlets yet, but we think they would fit pretty well. Before deciding, I still have a few questions about...
  5. N

    Looking for Mentor

    Hello, I am new to bird handling and I am very interested in getting an African Grey after spending a bit of time with one and bonding with him. I have experience with Conures and Cockateils though I have never actually owned one I was employed at a pet store for a while before deciding it...
  6. Bur

    Need Help!

    Hi, My blue fronted amazon(Merlin)suffered for a month of extreme illness hospitalized, oxygen, and is now home. Doctors has engaged in a process of elimination (test, procedures, exrays, observations, near death, supportive care), parrot presented with extreme respitory difficulty. Fast...