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  1. Hollybee

    New Puzzle Toys

    Would definitely recommend dog and cat floor puzzle toys to mix up the feeding routine! My ekkies are very entertained!
  2. bosh

    Eclectus weight

    Just a question for those who might have some insight. My SI Ekkie boy Pancho was hatched in mid-November 2019, so he's about seven months old now. When I last weighed him first thing yesterday morning, his weight was 292 grams. When I brought him home in late March, he was 308 grams, although...
  3. J

    Ekkie suddenly afraid of me?

    Hello, my husband bought a 4 year old female eclectus about half a year ago. The shop owner warned us she didn't like females, but I am willing to work with her, or just live comfortably with her. For a couple months, she seemed pretty calm as long as I wouldn't touch her. She adores my husband...