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dry skin

  1. C

    Turquoise GCC Plucking and Over-itching nose

    I have a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure, and she has not been doing well lately. First, winter in NJ is pretty horrendous for birds overall. Low humidity, cold, etc. We're limited in how much heat we can turn up, but overall, their aviary temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity...
  2. Trinity

    Lovebird is hot to touch and loses fearhers

    Hi everyone, I hope I've gone about all this correctly and did a skim read of the guidelines before posting. Context I own a range of indoor and outdoor parrots, many of which are rescues or give aways my mum brings home from volunteering. These birds are separated but have joint 'out time'...
  3. S

    Tido's bald spot

    Our Alexandrine parrot has developed a bald spot near the left eye which has been growing rapidly. Same type of bald spot has shown near his right eye as well. His beak is shedding too. We tried applying anti bacterial and anti fungal creams but they did not show much effect. Could it be mites?
  4. BirdLady13

    Humidifier (USA availability)

    Can someone suggest a good humidifier? I've read that the best choice for bird owners is evaporative humidifiers, but the vast majority on the market are ultrasonic. I was going to get the Pure Enrichment MistAire Eva 4-Speed model, but apparently they no longer sell the filter for it. Please...
  5. S

    My cockatiel is pulling out knots of down feathers

    Hello! My tiel while preening will make little hurt squeaks and then she will come up with a knot of down feathers in her beak. Usually there is a scabby/flaky grey bit attached. Is this dry skin flaking? She's not plucking at all. Just pulling out these little bits a few times a day.
  6. Hoshi

    Bird-safe lip moisturizers/facial products?

    Hi everyone, So here in the Northwest, winter weather is here, and with winter weather comes very cold weather that dries out your skin. My little one (Indian Ringneck:irnv:) loves to preen my face, nose, ears, and especially recently, my lips. He really enjoys trying to peel the dead skin off...