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  1. O

    Help Identifying what kind of Dove / Pigeon this is + Need advice

    Hello , I was wondering if anyone can help me identify what type of Pigeon or Dove Smokey is. He is a rescued Feral and I think hes about a month old. I found him in the middle of a road on my way home from collage. I was also wondering if anyone has any tips on getting a Pigeon/ Dove used to...
  2. P

    Dove cooing nonstop

    My 13 year old Female ringneck dove has been cooing non-stop lately. She never really was this way with me. Even if I take her outside of her cage she will continue to coo. Nothing I do seems to stop her, unless I cover her cage with a blanket. It’s to the point that if I make a sudden...
  3. B

    Dove species? Help please

    Hello all, I’ve attached a photo of what I suspect is a laughing dove but I’ve never seen one with so much white on the wings and tail. could it be a subspecies? I’ve done so much searching online but can’t find anything. I live in South Africa and laughing doves are common and I’ve reared a...
  4. P

    Urgent Doves Vent Swollen

    Hi all, new here! I have a 13 year old ringneck dove that has a swollen vent. I took her to the vet a few days ago and she’s on 3 medications for the next 2 weeks. The vet said if the swelling doesn’t go down she may have cancer. :( She is still eating and pooping fine. She just has been puffed...
  5. shelby.pax

    How Dusty are Starlings and Doves?

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a softbill bird in the near future and starlings and doves seem like the top candidates. They seem very personable and sweet. I have been reading on dustiness and I was wondering if anybody knows how dusty starlings and/or doves are? I've had a green cheek conure...
  6. B

    Pigeon laid egg on patio

    Hi, so I have a resident breeding pair of spotted doves. This pair has had two clutches that I know of. The first both died, one as a fledgling to a currawong and the other as a juvenile to a sparrow hawk. The second clutch was abandoned after a week and never hatched. So anyway I was standing...
  7. L

    Urgent Regarding Baytril...

    I looked this up online and the dosage my vet recommended to my dove kinda worries me... I have to give him 0.15 mL TWICE a day orally. She thinks he has ataxia because he’s been off balance and flipping over when he walks. I noticed he got wobbly on the night of Friday, so yesterday, on...
  8. L

    Urgent Keel Bone Help!

    I have a tangerine dove and he’s been very healthy for a whole year, but when I was struggling with depression and other factors, I didn’t notice how sick my bird was... My vet told me he is malnourished and needs vitamins so I’ve been giving him some Harrison’s, but he only eats like 6 pellets...
  9. JJ_is_Not

    Heyo~ I'm JJ!

    Hello~ I'm JJ, as the title says. My partner and I have been very slowly redecorating our home, we haven't painted since we got our Dove, Azzy, but we're planning to soon, and that's how I found this place. I was looking for some advice on painting, and have decided to get some ECOS and wait...
  10. A

    Is my bird sick?

    My 2 yo albino ringneck dove has some really foamy urate in his poop and the amount of water content has increased by a lot. He sneezes a little bit and his feathers are a little ruffled. Do you think he is sick? I'm a student so if I have to pay like 1000$ for a vet, I wanna be sure it's needed...
  11. 8

    Student, two baby cockatiels, please help

    Hello! I am a minor at my high school, and during quarantine, online school has been more challenging than I have perceived. I have two cockatiels whom I bought recently, I used to have a cockatiel who was ten years old but who passed away also recently, around the time I got two new ones. Right...
  12. J

    Splayed Leg Dove

    Hi all! My name is Justice and i am new to forums so please bare with me. I am going tomorrow to pick up a ringneck dove who has a splayed leg. She is about 2 months old and someone in my town dumped her at a local shelter. I have cared for ringneck doves, have 3 currently, however, I have never...
  13. E

    How to "unbond" bonded bird?

    Hey, My dove (Baby, age 24 ish) loves men. He loves to be held and pet and especially loves being held and pet by my husband. Ive just started to learn more about what it means to "properly touch" birds without simulating them to bond to a human and see them as their mate. The more I learn...
  14. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Doves

    There are some juvenile mourning doves in one of my maple trees! They're sooooo fluffy and cute :xflove: Some photos: They started looking at me funny while I was taking photos :lol: @Zara I hope you like these!
  15. D

    DIY Bird Cage

    So I was looking at building a cage for some doves I’m looking to get and need some help to make sure it’s the safest it could be for ring neck doves. I know that if I’m going to use wiring you need to use stainless steal, so my question is do you know anywhere I can get this because on the...
  16. shyanashay

    What does this coo mean?

    This is Olly. I’ve never heard a coo like his before. When I watch YouTube videos of cooing doves, it’s mostly just bow coos. My friend has had many doves in her lifetime and she hasn’t heard a coo like this from her doves. Olly mainly coos in the evening, maybe a couple times in the morning...
  17. shyanashay

    My First Dove! Some Questions

    This is Olly!! He is a five year old Ringneck Dove. I am Olly’s third and final home. I adopted him from a woman off of Craigslist who adopted him from a magician! Before his previous owner, Olly had never really been socialized by the magician unless he was taken out for practice or...
  18. R

    Multivitamin for my bird (collared dove)

    Hi! I have been recently looking into finding a multivitamin supplement to complete my dove's diet. She eats seeds (previous home raised her on seed, otherwise I would be giving pellets) and I also give her chop. Info on vitamins is hard to find, especially for doves and pigeons. If anyone knows...
  19. shyanashay

    Dove Cage Setup

    I’m adopting a dove soon, and I have a flight cage for it. I’d like to see pictures of your cage setups. No aviaries, just cages. :) Thanks in advance! (Ooh, if you’d like to leave Amazon links to your cage supplies that’d be great!)

    Help! Blind Dove

    Hi! I'm new to the forum here and new to bird ownership! ( I am aware of bird care, I grew up around exotic birds and I used to volunteer at an exotic bird sanctuary. I haven't ever owned one because my father does not like the noise). ANYWAY... I just rescued a 20 yr old blind white male dove...