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double macaw cage

  1. RedCarpetEclectus

    Double Macaw Cage Pictures Wanted!!

    HI! Could anyone post pictures of their bird/s in a double macaw cage setup if you have one? Trying to get a grasp on their size :)
  2. RedCarpetEclectus

    Where to buy SS Double Macaw Cage in Aus?

    I am really wanting to get a stainless steel double macaw cage for my Eclectus pair, though I cant seem to find anywhere that sells them in Australia? I don't really want to spend a million bucks on shipping after buying a $4000+ cage.
  3. RedCarpetEclectus

    Double macaw cage pictures?

    Hi! I am thinking of getting this double macaw cage for a pair of Eclectus Big Kahuna Extra Large Double Stainless Steel Bird Cage - Double Macaw Bird Cages and Double Extra Large Stainless Steel Bird Cages at Bird Cages 4 Less Does any one have any pictures of their eckies (or similar sized...
  4. H

    HQ vs AE

    So, I've been looking into macaws lately (very seriously!), and I've come across these two cages. These are all 80x40, double macaw, square top cages. Why is the AE cage heavier than the HQ cage? I've read somewhere, most likely on this forum, about HQ being better in terms of cage quality over...