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  1. T

    Looking for a moustache Parakeet breeder

    Hey everyone. I want to add a moustache parakeet to my flock but I’ve had trouble finding a breeder. I live in downstate NY but will gladly travel within several hours to pick up a baby. Thank you all in advance.
  2. Ashnic

    The Good, Bad and the Ugly about Derbyan Parakeets

    Hey guy, I don't own a Derby. But I'm thinking of getting one. Would love some input from owners of them :)
  3. becdimarc

    Anyone familular with Derbyan Perekeets?

    Hello, i am new to the aviana fourm! last year we lost our beloved conure and it has taken a while to be ready to start looking around for a new feathered family member! someone had contacted me and said they had baby derbyan perekeets ready for the end of may, so i started to do some research...
  4. D

    Lord Derby's Parrot, Derbyan Parakeet

    My Never Mated 8 yr. old female Derbyan is laying eggs. So far, she has laid four at a rate of one every other day. What can I do to safely deal with this situation?