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derbyan perekeet

  1. T

    Looking for a moustache Parakeet breeder

    Hey everyone. I want to add a moustache parakeet to my flock but I’ve had trouble finding a breeder. I live in downstate NY but will gladly travel within several hours to pick up a baby. Thank you all in advance.
  2. niamhk

    do deryan parakeets get on with other birds?

    So i have 2 cockatiels and one indian ringneck. i want to know if a deryan will be able to get on with them. They all will have separate cages of course but they will all play in the same room as all my birds live in my bedroom. I’ve had a quaker in the past who didn’t get on with other birds...
  3. niamhk

    moustache vs derbyan

    So i’m thinking of getting one of these 2 birds? they both look quite similar but i want to know a bit more about the differences between the two. is there one more calm than the other? one more playful? id love to hear what you think
  4. Ashnic

    The Good, Bad and the Ugly about Derbyan Parakeets

    Hey guy, I don't own a Derby. But I'm thinking of getting one. Would love some input from owners of them :)
  5. becdimarc

    Anyone familular with Derbyan Perekeets?

    Hello, i am new to the aviana fourm! last year we lost our beloved conure and it has taken a while to be ready to start looking around for a new feathered family member! someone had contacted me and said they had baby derbyan perekeets ready for the end of may, so i started to do some research...