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  1. BabyBirdMa

    Still grieving, help!

    It’s been at least a month since I lost Gustavo. I feel like everyone else has moved on but not me. I still miss him and memories of the morning I just found his lifeless body still haunt me. I’m afraid to close my eyes because all I can see is my baby’s dead little face, I can still feel his...
  2. J

    Baby Pigeons

    Hello everyone, I have baby pigeons on my Balcony and I leave them alone and only have like normal bird food next to it. But know the Pigeons heads were bitten off and I am looking for answer to why that happened? to Prevent it from happening again. my balcony is in the 3 floor so it cannot...
  3. E

    Sun conure passing away

    My precious sun conure, Rio passed away in their sleep last night. They just turned 1 a month ago and we never got to get a DNA test for them. Rio was always different compared to my other sun conure, Sonny. They were always wobbling and falling, never stable. We took them to the vet so many...
  4. Epsilon

    Tiny Bean

    I've been gone for a little while, but there's a good reason for it. I took my sweet little gecko, Icarus, to the vet. After giving him medicine she recommended I feed him waxworms, gut loaded crickets and pinky mice. I found the last suggestion odd, but after that I went to the pet store to...
  5. M

    What did I miss?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have lovebirds and a cockatiel. I noticed one of my two green and red lovebird puffy yesterday on the perch sleeping but I noticed it was puffy trough the day Saturday and even mentioned to a family member that he seemed odd/different to me because he was all...