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  1. shubamei

    Suggestions for College/University Student

    Hello! I'm currently looking into (possibly) owning a cockatiel while in college/university, so I was wondering if anyone knows the feasibility of this? I've always dreamed of owning a cockatiel so now here I am, trying to look for a sense of what it could be like. I'm definitely not going to...
  2. conureluv

    Birds and college?

    What did you do with any birds that you had in college? I’m a planner, so I’d like to know if people just keep their birds at their old house or take it with them to the college for reference. Sorry this post was so short
  3. MChiper

    Parrot in College? Travel?

    Hi all, I posted before regarding getting a bird for college; I was given very good advice to rather wait until I was in college or after graduation - so I am currently still bird-free. I know more about my schedule and the college policy on pets, etc. - it's very pet friendly and we may bring...
  4. K

    Should I get a GCC/bird? I'm lost.

    Hello! My name is Kayt. I have been doing research on parakeets (specifically Green Cheek Conures) for over a month and a half now. My mother is very hesitant and all I have received from others is negative feedback on birds. I really need to ask others that have birds what they think I should...
  5. D

    Caique as a College Student in a Unique Situation

    Hey, So I had a couple green cheek conures up until a few years ago, which had to be given to another family due to medical issues and other extenuating circumstances. Life's gotten a lot better now, and I have a couple of years of college left. I'm thinking about getting a Caique since they...
  6. ghostsnbirds

    Best cage for college dorm?

    I'm taking my ESA (a green cheek) with me to college and I was planning on a new cage to get for my dorm. I'm not allowed to bring furniture in that's larger than 3'x3'x3' which his current cage is larger than that. I'm planning on leaving his cage at home for when I travel down for the...
  7. Nukavine

    What's best for my bird?

    Soon I'll be going away for college and they don't allow pets. I can choose other colleges that let me stay close enough to home that I can stay with my bird but those colleges don't offer what I want to do. I love Sol dearly but even so he doesn't have the best conditions here. I can't let him...
  8. S

    College Senegal

    Hi Everyone, I'm a perspective bird parent (Feel that a Senegal would be a good fit) and wanted to talk to some experienced keepers. I'm going to be going to college soon and was thinking that a senegal might be a good fit for me as I start my life journey. A little about myself: I am an...
  9. ohiobirdy

    Bird in College? Advice Please...

    Hello! My name is Olivia and I've been excited to get a bird for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather were both bird-loving veterinarians so I have a cage at my disposal for no cost, and I've done my hours and hours of research on care and diet and all. Decided I'm looking for...
  10. D

    Unique housing situation, can’t make a decision!

    Hey everyone! I joined the forum today to get advice as to which bird will be my next.. I had a cockatiel (Chi) until January 29, 2016 that was truly the love of my life. She was the cuddliest cockatiel I have ever known - we did everything together. It was heartbreaking when she passed away...
  11. PrettyBirdy

    Birds, College and foster homes

    Hi! I am a high school senior, and although I am taking a gap year, I am trying to think ahead as much as possible. I have 3 birds: a gcc, a bebe parrot, and a goffins cockatoo. Luckily, my G2 is just as (or more) bonded to my father, so leaving her is no problem. I'll miss her like crazy, but...