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  1. T

    Bubble collar on lovebird

    Hello there! I just joined this forum today because I am desperately seeking advice on taking care of a lovebird with a bubble collar on and would really appreciate to hear the experiences of anyone who also has had a similar experience with their birdie pal. Please don't mind my long post, I...
  2. Diveks

    Collaring or medicating my plucker?

    Hello, so my rehomed grey had started plucking. Well not exactly plucking but chewing on tail and wing feathers. I have several questions regarding collars. I consulted an avian vet and he suggested either a collar or calming medications. I will be doing this while I i am desensitizing her to...
  3. cinnamon

    Pictures cockatiel won’t sleep with cone on

    hello, my cockatiel is 8 months old and he has a scab on his wing. we got him a cone and i would say he only has it on 25% of the day. the other 75% i’m watching him. but he’s supposed to have it on when he’s sleeping. he is refusing to sleep. he just keeps throwing himself off his perch crying...
  4. Kima

    Me and my rescue Quaker

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and am finding navigation a little challenging compared to some I've belonged to before, but will try my best to learn its streets and avenues :) My love affair with birds started 3 years ago when I got my darling little parrotlet Charlie who unfortunately...