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  1. U

    Cockatoo biting out of nowhere

    Hii so here is a little background.. Yuki the cockatoo is 3 years old this year. We’ve had him since he was 1 years old. We have no idea what happened to him in that 1 year but he’s afraid of literally everything; he’s afraid to take a bath, to go out, etc. However i am gradually trying to take...
  2. R

    Reputable Galah Breeders

    Hello, I am looking into buying a galah from BuyBirdsNow (an aviary), the issue I am having is that I will have to ship the bird so I will not be able to meet the bird or the breeder. Does anyone have experience with this breeder, is he/she reputable? If not what questions should I ask? Are...
  3. V

    Educational YouTube channel

    Hello everyone! My name is Melanie and saw the need to create a YouTube channel in order to help inform potential or new parrot especially Cockatoo owners. It is the saddest thing to know that the most relinquished parrots are Cockatoos. So I feel it is my calling to help educate everyone about...
  4. Atomicor

    First Umbrella Cockatoo

    So today I got an Umbrella Cockatoo, (unsure of dna sex, I think it’s male,) and the bird is absolutely the sweetest when it’s in the cage, and when it’s out and on me. If it’s on the floor completely different ball game. But my biggest issue is that, if I leave the room, he screams, I turned...
  5. lillie

    Best Bird for Us?

    So, we have (as we've mentioned before) decided to add to our flock. I have already sent in my adoption application to my first choice. Now, they tend to have medium-large birds, so this is already unfamiliar territory. But, you have to start somewhere, and you can't get experience without...
  6. BirdField

    Two 'toos in need

    As some of you may have seen, I created a thread on the cockatoo forum section about what to do for two birds I found on craigslist. These two 'toos (pictures below) are Houdini and Mickey, Houdini is a normal long-billed corella, Mickey is an western long-billed. Mickey's 5 and Houdini is 10...