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cockatiel food

  1. DustyFluff

    How much is enough?

    How much seed & pellet is enough for a 4 month old cockatiel? I was giving my baby tiel 4 measuring tablespoons of a mixture of seed, pellets & dried veggies/fruit. 2 tbsp in cage bowl & 2 tbsp out of cage bowl, of that he is really only eating the seeds. I’ve been feeling like I’m not offering...
  2. DustyFluff

    Less waste wishes

    Hi! This is my first post, I am looking to get opinions on the best cockatiel foods for picky eaters. Both seed & pellets. My feathered baby doesn’t like any big pieces and usually pushes all other food to the side and goes for seed or very small food pieces in his bowl. I currently have my tiel...
  3. SleepyTiel

    Feeding Schedule?

    Hi everyone! I have had my cockatiel, Delilah for about two months now and she is such a wonderful bird but still not hand tame and is on a full-seed diet. I want to eventually switch her over to pellets but as I am self-isolating for the foreseeable future, I am instead trying to get her to eat...
  4. Rubenka9

    Urgent Cockatiel is sick and won't eat...:(

    We have a brand new cockatiel who was shipped to us yesterday (I know - bad idea). Anyways, we took her to the vet today who thinks she may have parrot fever. She gave us medication which we are giving her (her blood work has been sent to the lab). The trouble is, our bird seems too scared to...