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cockatiel color

  1. Birdman696

    Pictures Help identifying my new cockatiel

    I just bought a baby male (supposedly) cockatiel and was wondering if anyone could help me identify its mutation. Thanks in advance. Also any help identifying its gender would be excellent as I am unsure if it is actually a male.
  2. H

    whiteface sex (and age)

    Hello! So, my baby Lestat was sold as a boy (also the dude at the petshop had no idea how old he is, but he said for sure less than a year), but I'm thinking maybe not? I didn't hear him whistle yet and he's a whiteface pearl so, from what I've read so far, if he has had his first molt he...
  3. Marina Engan

    Pictures What kind of variation?

    Does anybody know what kind of Harlequin variation this is? The orange color appears on its crest, forehead, wings, belly and tail feathers.