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  1. AmberC

    Laura has a sore foot...

    When Laura (our 10 week old rainbow lorikeet) plays with her toys she loves to grab and hold them with her feet but... The other day Laura got her foot caught in the rope of on of her toys! I untangled her but after I untangled her she was limping around so we took her to our local avian vet...
  2. cinnamon

    Urgent Feet Problem in Cockatiel

    hello my cockatiel is 9 months old and at the time this problem started he was 5 months old. in the beginning of january he got his foot caught in the bottom of his cage and got this injury he started limping and we brought him to the vet they said nothing was wrong. here’s a photo of his feet...
  3. Cockatango

    Pictures Weird feet

    It took me a while to notice that Tango's feet don't match. Then it was the vet who said she also doesn't have claws at the back. Has anyone got any tiels who are similar? And why do you think Tango has this (unfortunately I think it might be down to inbreeding :sad14:)
  4. Adam Duxbury

    Sharp nails / bleeding after cut

    Hello again, I just remembered to ask. The lady who has an African Grey offered to clip his nails some time ago and she just took the tips of the claws off and was only a tiny bit because she didn't want to go too far and it still bled a little and the Galah was off with us for around...