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chop recipes

  1. Theo22

    Looking for your best chop recipes

    In honour of my Cockatiel Buddy (sadly he passed away 2 hours before the vet opened) I want to make a free to use google doc with recipes for chop and stuff. So if you have a good recipe and want to share it, I would be really grateful. (if you have pictures you can share them too) So feel...
  2. bird_mama

    2nd time making chop!!!

    Hey!! I just made chop for the second time! I’m so proud of this and Romeo loves it, so I had to share!:heart: (My ingredients are frozen & microwaved or blanched in water from my electric kettle, since my entire stove broke; smh ) Recipe: •Purple, white, green & orange cauliflower...
  3. BirdLady13

    Cooked vs Raw

    How do you prepare butternut squash & sweet potatoes for your feathered friends? Cooked, raw, mashed, diced...
  4. Chestery

    Anti-Inflammatory Chop mix recipe anyone? Plz Help!

    Hey Guys, New here, have no idea what area to post this in, so please feel free to share or put it in the right place. I have a 7y.o Male Black headed Caique, only child. He has just been diagnosed with Avian Bonavirus after we saw PDD signs on his Ct scan and investigated further ($4000+...
  5. barbs0nly

    veggie suggestions

    my gcc is very very very picky my past big birds were never too picky about their fresh foods and let me add everything they needed nutritionally as long as there was a little seed chia sprinkled on the top, but my gcc only likes raspberries, i don’t know what it is abt raspberries that she...
  6. elitys

    My Chop Recipes

    I wanted to make a thread just for posting my chop recipes for reference purposes and in the interest of not overloading the Food Court. Here are the past two I've made threads about: Made Chop Today! Time for Another Round of Chop! And here's today's! I hope you enjoy! :) Ingredients...