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canary cage

  1. D

    Canary Living Environment

    Hello everyone, I have a canary for 3 years now and recently a small ''room'' in the house (about 1,5 square meters) which was used for storage is now empty. When I bought the canary and for the 3 years it has been living in my house it was in a cage. Would it be better if I renovated this room...
  2. J

    My canary babies left the cage and i need help right now

    Hello i’m a new canary owner and today i saw the 2 canary babies leave their nest and are refusing to go back they’re 3 weeks old, except one baby who’s still in the nest who’s also smaller than his two siblings. the problem is he isn’t being fed by his parents and idk what to do they must’ve...
  3. sheeluhwhet

    New Peep Cage

    I finally got a flight cage for Peep today! I was so excited for him, but it seemed like he was even more excited (or curious?) than I was. :) His reaction was so unexpected that I wanted to share it here. Honestly, I thought that I would have to wait for him to adjust, but he tried to get into...