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cage suggestions

  1. BirbBirdy

    New cage suggestions for my cockatiel

    Hi all, I have recently gotten a new cockatiel, along with him, I brought a new cage for temporary use until I could find a larger cage suited for him when he grows larger. The cage I have now is of minimum size for a cockatiel and I would like to get another soon but I have had no luck for...
  2. GabeCast

    How's my cage setup?

    Just wondering if I can get some feedback on my cage? Not so sure about the size, the lady at the store recommended this cage. I gave him a calcium chew block, a little bell toy-thing to play with and shredding wood. Anything setup wrong in the cage? Here's some pictures:
  3. CherryBug

    King Solomon Cages?

    I'm wondering if anyone here has purchased a cage from King Solomon Cages. I'd like to get a cage from them, specifically, the King David. Here is a link: King Solomon Cages - The last bird cage you'll ever buy. I would like to purchase this cage for a G2. The cage seems very nice, but, I have...
  4. C

    Pictures What is the best way to move my untamed cockatiel to a new cage?

    Hello, I recently inherited a 5-6 year old cockatiel (Caesar) that was never tamed or taken out of his cage. I have had him for a year now, and he is a very sweet and happy bird who gets plenty of treats and toys. He sings all the time. He is currently in the cage that I received him in, a ~4...
  5. Flyover

    New Disabled Parrotlet: Need Cage Advice

    I went to a fair yesterday and found the Bourke that I've been seeking for some time, but in addition to him, I fell for a pair of female parrotlets that a woman was almost begging me to take for next to nothing: one is disabled and very tightly bonded to the female she lives with, and people...
  6. T

    how to peacefully house lovebird flock together?

    we have 9 feathered friends that need a cage makeover. currently they are in one big enclosure that's divided into sections which are occupied by two lovebirds each. We want to create a better, more natural enclosure and would love it if our flock could be housed in one enclosure without...
  7. Ravenclaw88

    Best cockatiel cage brands?

    Hello, I'm looking to potentially buy a new cage for my cockatiel, Totoro. His cage currently is large enough for him, but I think i'd like one that is much more sturdier and has more space horizontally rather than vertically, for flight space while I'm out during the day. Any suggestions...