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cage sizing

  1. GabeCast

    How's my cage setup?

    Just wondering if I can get some feedback on my cage? Not so sure about the size, the lady at the store recommended this cage. I gave him a calcium chew block, a little bell toy-thing to play with and shredding wood. Anything setup wrong in the cage? Here's some pictures:
  2. shasta

    Conure cage

    Hi, I am planning on getting a little green cheek and I found a cage but I think it might be too small. It's 24"high by 20"deep by 24"wide. Thanks in advance!
  3. ThatsFowlPlay

    Caique Questions

    Hi, I'm really new to Avian Avenue and this is my first thread!!!! I'm thinking about putting down a deposit for a baby white bellied Caique and I need help finding out a perfect cage size. I found this cage, http://a.co/enqVqJc and don't know if the cage too big or too small, or the bar spacing...
  4. T

    how to peacefully house lovebird flock together?

    we have 9 feathered friends that need a cage makeover. currently they are in one big enclosure that's divided into sections which are occupied by two lovebirds each. We want to create a better, more natural enclosure and would love it if our flock could be housed in one enclosure without...
  5. WoolyJenny

    GCC Cage Recommendations Please!

    Hi everyone! I'm bringing home my first small conure in a few weeks and I'm wondering on your recommendations for cage and cage bar spacing especially. I've heard some people are housing theirs in 3/4" spaced bars and others are saying no way, never, that's way too wide. I'm wondering what you...
  6. Sweet Louise

    Toy suggestion for an African Grey

    short story: looking at an atom or a rope coil: something to extend the play space off a cage. long story: I bought Louise a 26x38x68 inches high cage and a cage that is 23x32 41 inches high guest cage for my friend's grey when he visits for socialization. Louise now spends all her time in the...
  7. C

    which cage would be best for a quaker?

    1.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00176ILNO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_6&smid=A2RFSIF56F6W5J or this...
  8. papaya13

    Jardine's Cages?

    I was wondering about bar spacing for a Jardine's.... Hopefully I'll be bringing one home this spring; I'm very busy during the winter and have decided (not without a little inner moaning and groaning!) to wait it out until April. However, it's never too early to start shopping! (especially, it...