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cage brands

  1. Jeagerbrot


    My sun conure is chewing through the paint coat on his A&E cage and I don't know what to do!! Should I buy a better quality cage like stainless steel or aluminum? I didn't even know a sized beak like his could chew through the paint. I also don't know if I should get in contact with a...
  2. Aurentha

    Pictures Cages for Green Cheek Pair?

    I recently got a pair of green cheek conure males and I had a cage set up already that someone purchased for me, I had just assumed the bar spacing would be okay which was my mistake. After getting the birds I've seen them shove their heads through the bars and chirp at me when they want out. I...
  3. Sweet Louise

    Cage woes corrected!

    I had posted about a problem I was having with the stainless steel cage I purchased new. It took several months, but A & E did everything they said they would. They replaced the cage in full. It took months as they wanted to work with the manufacturer as the cage I bought had a serious...
  4. Rainbowings

    Is there best cage for lovebirds???

    I have a typical rectangle flight cage, marketed more for finches. It seems okay in size for them but with the new babies I was thinking about upgrading to something larger... Is there a best cage you've found & do lovebirds prefer height or width? I was thinking of something like this...
  5. F

    Pictures Need help identifying this cage brand/model

    So I found a bird cage available online for a really good price. Messaged the seller and unfortunately, they do not know the brand/model as it was gifted to them years ago from a family member who passed away. I've searched high and low and can't seem to find it anywhere! I really want to check...
  6. Sweet Louise

    picking a cage dilemna

    Louise needs a new cage. Not a 911 but I had originally bought a used cage and there is now some rust and peeling. I don't think having it re-powder coated is an option as the tray edges are bent and the playtop ladders would need major repair. I love the set up of the Medina by avian...
  7. CherryBug

    King Solomon Cages?

    I'm wondering if anyone here has purchased a cage from King Solomon Cages. I'd like to get a cage from them, specifically, the King David. Here is a link: King Solomon Cages - The last bird cage you'll ever buy. I would like to purchase this cage for a G2. The cage seems very nice, but, I have...
  8. Good_birdy

    Cage Help?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and being a bird parent. Or....parront-to-be anyways :) I haven't yet reserved my bird as yet because I've been on the hunt for a cage. Now my boyfriend and I finally found and purchased one for 200$CAD from kijiji. We inspected it when we got there, but its...
  9. Ravenclaw88

    Best cockatiel cage brands?

    Hello, I'm looking to potentially buy a new cage for my cockatiel, Totoro. His cage currently is large enough for him, but I think i'd like one that is much more sturdier and has more space horizontally rather than vertically, for flight space while I'm out during the day. Any suggestions...