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  1. Z

    Urgent my budgie's chest seems swollen

    my female budgie (blueberry) chest is swollen and her stomach area seems to be skinny or sunk in. few weeks back she had some breathing issues like heavy breathing and breathing with open mouth and after treatment it was back to normal. now I started noticing that her stomach area is going...
  2. redrose27

    Which Course of Action Should I choose

    Hi there, at this point I have probably annoyed everyone in this forum with the number of times I have posted about konys gout problem (kony is a budgie 12 years old). But I have come to a cross roads and I need help. (I will be mentioning medicines in this post, I explained their effectiveness...
  3. B

    I need advice and help with my budgie.

    My budgie ( called charlie) is 6 years old and for about a month his poo is getting stuck to his feathers. (His left foot has also been staved so he can hardly put force on it) Preening for him has become much harder so this has prompt me to watch him 24/7. Whenever a build up of poop happens...