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  1. berrynkiwi

    Mealtimes for chop

    I've been feeding my budgies (2) bird chop in the morning and afternoon (along with giving them pellets in their food bowl and seeds as a treat). This is my first time as a bird owner and I'm just wondering, what time/ how many times should I feed my birds chop in a day? Should I continue...
  2. PairOfKeet

    Can my budgie and my cat coexist?

    I’m getting a budgie but I have a cat, is there any way for them to coexist? How should I keep my budgie safe?
  3. Gizmo

    Going on vacation!

    Hi everyone!! So I am going on vacation this Monday, and my aunt is babysitting my budgie Tweety bird. I’ve had him for a year and we have bonded a lot.I’ve educated my aunt with all the stuff she needs to know to babysit him. I am bringing him to her tomorrow and He will be staying in his...
  4. medibirds

    whats this thing

    Theres a metal band on Aspen's leg, it says "PETUS1 37543" i have no idea what this means. Stormy doesnt have this thing but aspen does.