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  1. Chase Hein

    Please Respond, Bird droppings worse

    Hi guys sorry for being so annoying, earlier today I posted asking about bubbly droppings. Good news, Honey pooped recently and it was clear of bubbles, but now my other male, Wally, has bubbles, this time more, and he is pooping around every 15 minutes. The droppings are very small and have...
  2. redrose27

    Urgent Budgie/Parakeet threw up White foamy substance

    Hi my sister (Budgie/parakeet) Kony threw up earlier around 10:10 pm est, she then threw up a second time soon after about 5 minutes later. She did not throw up any seeds but she did throw up a white foamy substance. I took a few photos of it just incase anyone wants to see they can send me a...