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  1. B

    Reputable & Respected Breeders (Midwest)

    Hi everyone, my first post here. I grew up with an African grey parrot and sadly we parted ways when I was only about 10 years old and I’ve been wanting a bird for in the house.(I have chickens that have their own home LOL). Anyway I am looking for respected and reputable breeders for conures...
  2. Ziekenzie

    Green-Rumped or Spectacled Parrotlet Breeders

    Hello. I’m sorry to make two posts so close together, but I hope that no one here minds. I’m hoping that someone here knows any breeders of spectacled or green rumped handfed babies. I’m located in South Carolina, in the US. I feel I have done a lot of research, but I will of course be...
  3. MiniMarie

    Pictures Companion for my Budgie

    Background: I got Jade January 2021 from Petco. I was preparing for a budgie to bring home, not from Petco, by getting toys ect.then I saw Jade and Opal (in bird heaven now).I had to take them home. The problems started right away. Fluffed, sneezing, Jade had enlarged chest area, not chatty...
  4. R

    Blue Throated Macaw

    Hi does anyone have any suggestions on Blue Throated Macaw breeders in Arizona? I have been searching, but know they are incredibly difficult to find.
  5. ZY28

    Searching for Green Cheek Breeders within 2hrs of Montreal

    Hi, Hope your having a great day. I am looking for a reputable breeder, responsible people or even a responsible pet store that breed/sell green cheek conures. Ideally, I would like it to be located within a 2hrs car drive from montreal. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  6. KotaSeitz

    Looking for greater vasas

    Hey guys! I need some help. I’m ready to own a greater vasa. I’ve done a ton of research on the species and fell absolutely in love. If anyone knows of any breeders or shops in the US that might have one I would greatly appreciate the info. Also I want to hear from vasa owners about their...
  7. Summzz

    Hyacinth Macaw Breeders in Canada/Any Reviews for Pine Valley Aviary?

    Hi everyone! For years now I have wanted to get a Hyacinth to add to my flock. I knew it was a big commitment so I have taken the time to properly research all I could and I wanted to make sure I had the means to take care of the new bird before I did anything. Thankfully, I'm in a place where I...
  8. T

    Looking for Senegal Parrot breeder or adoption?

    Anyone have any references? I got scammed by an online bird seller the last time I bought, so now I am more catious and would love references to find a yellow-eyed Senegal parrot either young or an older adoption by anyone that may have suggestions?
  9. R

    Reputable Galah Breeders

    Hello, I am looking into buying a galah from BuyBirdsNow (an aviary), the issue I am having is that I will have to ship the bird so I will not be able to meet the bird or the breeder. Does anyone have experience with this breeder, is he/she reputable? If not what questions should I ask? Are...
  10. Tinabell

    Parrots unlimited breeder

    i was wondering if anyone had heard of, or used this breeder Parrots Unlimited in California?
  11. NYCAmazon2

    Has anyone else given up on the idea of adopting a rescue/ rehomed Grey? What was your experience?

    I considered adopting a male CAG from a rescue or a rehoming situation. I even looked at older breeder adoption birds. Now I’m searching for a breeder that Does Not “Train” their birds before sending them to their forever home. My idea of appropriate vocabulary for a family home and that of...
  12. Gallows

    Can't tell if cockatiel eggs are infertile?

    This is my female cockatiel's first time having eggs. She's done a great job incubating and rolling them consistently, so I have a lot of hope. However, when I candle her eggs, I can't tell whether they're infertile or not. Her first egg was laid nine days ago. She has four eggs now, and it...
  13. E

    Breeder information for Lovebirds?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the group so i’m sorry if this is in the wrong spot. First question: has anyone bought a bird from Toms Lovebird Farm in Perris California? He has good FB reviews but that’s all i can find on him so i wanted to see if any of you had gotten a bird from him :) hope that’s...
  14. S

    Canadian breeder

    Hey! I want to adopt a baby parrotlet, but Im in Canada and I didnt find any good breeder around... Could you guys help me find one? Thanks!
  15. bingbong

    Looking for a reputable Caique breeder!

    Hi! im looking for a good Caique breeder. I live in Iowa and would be willing to drive 4 hours away. Shipping a bird makes me nervous but I am willing to. Does anyone know of a good breeder or petstore? any help is appreciated.
  16. M

    Severe Macaw Breeders

    Hi everyone. I'm MJ, new to the site. I as actually trying to look for good Severe Macaw breeders in the Virginia or Surrounding areas. I've seen a few online but they look to be bigger breeders and some do not have the best reputation. I'm always willing to drive wherever but if I purchased a...
  17. P

    Breeding A blue Fischer with a peach faced lovebird

    Hello, I have a pair of love birds that I have been breeding. The female is a blue Fischer and the male is a peach faced. I have found conflicting information about breeding them. Some say not to, that it will lead to the offspring being confused and infertile as adults and others say it's...
  18. papaya13

    Shipping birds?

    First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place! Secondly, has anyone had birds shipped to them? I know it's always preferable to go and meet the bird in person and pick it up yourself and let the bird choose you and whatnot, but as far as I can tell, there are no Jardine's breeders within a 200...