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breeder help

  1. ConureMum

    Video HELP!! Is This Chick Shivering?

    I'm being told that my chick is shivering, but the gauge says it's at a good temperature, the chick is not wet/moist, and it's in a small closet so there shouldn't be a draft... What's this shaky movement about?
  2. E

    Help with tracking bird band info for sex and age

    An umbrella Cockatoo was dropped in our lap by someone who shouldn’t own birds. We are trying our best to give him an enriching life. He has a band on his right leg. It says FL RFA 33. We do not know the gender or the age. Any way I can track that down with this band?
  3. M

    Health help!

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right section but I do need help with my two eclectus. I had just gotten these two over the weekend. I am including pictures. I would love some input… to me the female looks in bad shape. Male might be molting? Do they look very sick? Female isn’t as active...
  4. A

    Keeping nest box warm in winter

    Hello what's the best way to keep a cage and nest box warm during winter. Is a heating pad enough to place under the wooden nest box. I'm expecting cocatiel eggs any day now don't want her babies to get cold when they leave the nest box to eat. With my other bird I used a heating pad but it was...
  5. A

    Cocatiel hen attacking her babies

    Hi why would the mother attack her babies and will she do this again in the future. She was a first time parent her partner was outside the nest box when she attacked them. I'm just very sacred she does this again the babies was 3 days and Older. I tried to safe all 4 of them. But after a few...
  6. Missyszlee

    Blue Crown Conure Breeder?

    Hey all, I’m interested in getting a Blue Crown Conure however I’d prefer not to get one from the big exotic bird stores.. anyone have a breeder they highly recommend? Thanks! Missy
  7. Princess_P

    Black capped pairing

    I have a female black capped & a male opaline black capped. I can’t find anything on the genetics of these to find out what will be the outcome if bred.
  8. Princess_P

    Cinnamint w/ Opamint

    What would a Cinnamint and Opamint paired together have? Not sure yet which one is male or female. So all possible outcomes would be appreciated.
  9. E

    Cockatiels laid eggs for the first time?

    i have 2 cockatiels that have started to breed and just laid some eggs. My question is should i let the parents incubate the eggs or is it best to take the eggs now and incubate them myself? It is their first time breeding and the eggs look completely fine. They have gotten very aggressive so i...
  10. biancalisi

    Help with identifying conure mutation.

    Hello, I am new on this forum so please direct me if I'm posting in the wrong area. Anyway. I purchased a Turquoise gc recently from a breeder in Miami FL, at Linvilles Aviary. I chose a turquoise but with the weekly pictures I am being sent its starting to look like a standard gc. (They...
  11. B

    Bird breeder????

    Does anyone know what my birds breeder is and Organization it is ? pearl leg band :A191881 mangos leg band: A218505
  12. C

    Who are some red tail black cockatoo breeders in the US.

    I know that most breeders are in Australia but I've heard that Australia doesn't allow bird exports/imports.
  13. Beakz

    Questions on Macaw breeding and homing

    Hi! So recently my parents got 4 breeder macaws from a breeder who wanted to get rid of all his (hundreds) of macaws because he was getting too old to care for them. Obviously not a very ethical breeder (he would sell the birds at 2 weeks old according to him) anyways, the man gave it to them...
  14. lizcockati

    Cockatiel died after 2 days- should i report the breeder?

    Hi everyone, I am absoloutely heart broken that my new cockatiel passed away the other night. I originally found the breeder on a pet website Pets4Homes. The breeder had many birds crowded in small cages. I dont want this to happen to anyone else and really need some advice on what action to...
  15. D

    Babies died

    Hello, my birds had babies for the first time, this was not planned I was on a long trip. I am so devastated. Only three out of the four eggs hatched. And two babies died already. On Saturday died one (9 days old) and I don’t even know why. When I took him out he had an empty crop. I though he...
  16. G

    How do I breed my congo african grey and african grey (repost cause I need answers)

    are female and male. I would like to breed them...but I only know the basics. Like I need an L shaped nest box and they need to be in a dark place? I have a room with led lights and i could put it on mode white and put their cage in my room..and put headphones when looking at videos. Outside...
  17. G

    Help me and my Blue Crownes conure!

    Hello, So I am in need of a lot of help. My bird is claimed to be 50 it's a blue crowned conure but they live for 20-30 years. The previous owner said it was 50. I then realized they had a leg band. It starts with AFA which i figures was the company who sold the band and i contacted them. The...
  18. sushi

    Concerns of Female GCC not Eating during Incubation Period

    Hi folks, This is my first time posting on Avian Avenue and I chose to post my question on Breeders Boulevard because I believe it is a question most relevant to breeding. That being said, I am a relatively new parrot owner and I have no intention to breed my parrots. Long story short, I have a...
  19. G

    Breeding lovebirds eggsitting

    Alright so I'm new to breeding. I have a pair male and female lovebirds and they have some eggs in the nest. As of right now they have laid 5 eggs in total. However the initial 2 had cracked. They have breaded before and the last time they breeded only one of the eggs hatched. After I found out...
  20. longyearwinds

    bonded/breeding pair experts needed

    i work at a bird store these days, and we recently had an older pair of breeding black-headed caiques come into the store. i noticed immediately that the male of the pair was very interested in me. he came from a male breeders home, and if he is sold, would go to a male breeders home as well...