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blue headed pionus

  1. H

    BH Pionus bites body feathers off during winter

    She bites the tops off of her feathers, showing the fluff underneath. I have been able to postpone this activity by extra humidity near her cage and play area. Worse during mating season. Any one else have this problem? Suggestions?
  2. shelby.pax

    Pionus hasn't left cage

    I recently adopted a 7 year old blue-headed pionus. It's been a week and he hasn't left his cage once despite the cage door being open all day. I have put his bowls just outside of his cage so he can reach them from within the cage while encouraging him to leave the cage, I try to see if I can...
  3. shelby.pax

    How dusty are Blueheaded Pionus Parrots?

    This went completely under my radar during research but I just heard that some people have dusty pionus parrots? I didn't even realize any South American parrots could be dusty as I was informed dust was only an old world parrot issue. I was wondering how dusty can the blue-headed pionus be? I...
  4. Oraien

    Feed recommendations for a picky Pi?

    I recently acquired a BH Pi. I am not confident on his age or most of the information I was told about him and recently found out that he was being kept in a cage that I had previously deemed too small for a green cheek conure when looking for cages for a new baby coming home- So now I am...
  5. MChiper

    Parrot For Student??

    Hi all, I'm interested in getting a Parrot soon and I'd like all your suggestions! :) I have owned Parrots before, but unfortunately had to give them up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I had a Congo African Grey (female) and Sun Conure (male). I lived in a freestanding...
  6. Y

    Blue headed pionus/amazon help!

    hey guys!! so i just picked up my 5 month old blue headed pionus baby from the airport a couple of nights ago. so far hes been eating, drinking water and seems to not be scared of us but the problem is he wont let us anywhere near him! every time i approach, for whatever reason, he just starts...