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  1. N

    she's bitting hard and acting weird

    Hi! So I have a precious female green cheek conure which recently turned 1 year! She's my little baby and I've had her since she was 20 days old so we have a really strong bond with each other. Her name is sunny! She's very smart and pick up everything really fast, but I have to say...
  2. Seldio

    Dios bitting issues

    Hi! I’m new! I have an around 8 month old male cockatiel named Dio! I’ve read A couple of threads with similar issues but I would like to get some answers of my own questions I know that it could be him going through hormonal changes also but still would like to ask. When we first got him he...
  3. Littlelovebird

    Are females more aggressive depending on season?

    Hey guys so my little Skittles is about 6 months now! She is a diva. Cuddly when we feels like it and really stubborn lol. She likes to growl every now and the and spends her day perch near the computer while my boyfriend works and singing. She definitely likes him better cause he can put her on...