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  1. Jonathorus

    Is Passion female?

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask what to look for in a female bird. I am pretty sure Passion is a female, but I really don't know. Do all Lovebirds put twigs (Millet Stem) under their wings and bring it up high? I feel like that's something female birds do to make a nest. In other words...
  2. Rio&Friend

    What gender it is?

    Hi everyone, I brought a new budgie. Its name is rainbow :budgieyf: . We brought her because my yellow colour budgie has become stress, so we decided to buy a new budgie. After we brought, My Yellow colour was finally free from stress. Can anyone tell me what gender it is? Because I feel it is...
  3. P

    Gender confusion

    Can someone please help identify the gender of this cutie? It landed on my balcony last week. I did some research this appears to be a lutino? I am trying to find it a companion of its opposite gender. Thanks!
  4. C

    Lovebirds’ gender mystery

    I got two beautiful lovebirds(Connie and ivy) about 8 months ago and I am unaware of their gender and dna testing can be quite expensive so I can’t use that option. Both of them have regurgitated and fed each other, Connie more than ivy and the preen each other regularly too. In the past I have...