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bird safety

  1. dougk1989

    Bird proofing the house

    Just received a rescue Amazon. I love him so much and I'm bird proofing the house. I removed all non stick cookware and things with Teflon or PTFE. Including even irons and ironing boards and hair straighteners. My question now is, are things like microwaves, toasters (not air fryers or toaster...
  2. BabyBirdMa

    Are shower steamers safe?

    So I got these shower steamers as a gift. All of my birds stay in my room but I also have my own bathroom. Would it be okay to use the steamers or are the birds too close to the area?
  3. RebeccaZM

    How long before birdie can come home?

    Yesterday morning we had the furnace serviced after the A/C went out. They took out the old cabinet, heating burners and fan with motor, and replaced them with new parts. I live in the Midwest so we’re only using the A/C and won’t need the ‘furnace furnace’ until fall, (and we will take birdy...
  4. squeak514

    Is perlite safe for parrots?

    It's been a few months, but unfortunately, my lovebird discovered the new houseplant. Typically she chews on the leaves, but here lately, she's been going for the soil, specifically the perlite I mixed in with it. I've had to take it out of her beak on multiple occasions only for her to return...
  5. peachypjm

    What's the ratio for vinegar and water?

    Cage clean day today again! gonna try using vinegar, whats the exact ratio and is there any kind of vinegar I can't use? also, is mercury safe in the same room as me while I use it? :)
  6. peachypjm

    where to obtain f10 disinfectant

    so far I've seen amazon, anywhere else I should be getting it from?
  7. peachypjm

    List of BIRD SAFE cleaning supplies

    So far the only things ive seen are F10 disinfectant, poop off, and nature's miracle cage cleaner. Anyone wanna help me out and let me know what bird safe cleaning supplies you all use? :pinksmile:
  8. peachypjm

    Best Cleaning Supplies to wash/clean flooring !

    Does anyone know any bird-safe, like completely bird safe, cleaning solutions to clean hardwood floors? I want to mop my floor but I haven't found anything good or recommended as parrot safe yet, thank you in advance !
  9. A

    Safe "Jungle Vines"?

    Hi, anyone able to identify these jungle vines? A friend bought them from a gift shop years ago as home decorations, and we're now thinking of using them as parrot perches. Are they safe to chew on? All we know is that they are "real jungle vines" and don't seem to have been stained or...
  10. Frogpasta

    Cage Location - I want to put my cockatiel in the main living area, but I’m not sure how safe it is.

    I have a cockatiel (Gnocchi), and he is a social butterfly (as I’ve heard lots of cockatiels are). I am currently keeping Gnocchi in my room, because...I have cats (I feel like there should be dramatic music here), but I feel as though this might not fit my Gnocchi’s big personality. You see...
  11. D

    Pictures Is this a safe wood?

    Hey guys! First time poster, about to get a Cockatiel, but before that I want to get the cage done. I picked up this wood, which is the perfect size and diameter, but unsure of the source. Is it safe, if it was under the tree, or should I cut fresh from a living tree? I ran it through bleach...
  12. Mo Amjad

    Parrot hanging out at the bottom of his cage??

    Hey guys, my ringneck has been hanging out at the bottom area of his cage lately and he's been eating some stuff from there too should I be worried?. I don't know why and how someone would make a cage this easily accessible. He plays and chirps throughout the day and is pooping fine so should I...
  13. Diana E.

    Ant bait

    So I was cleaning out my room and we found some ants as the temp is getting warmer where I live, and I used some bait near a corner before putting my desk near the corner and such, but upon reading I saw it was toxic to birds and immediately went to clean it all up and ventilate the whole room...
  14. LydiaB

    Am I Being Too Paranoid About Bird Safety?

    After having this bird for only a little over a week, I've realized how much of a paranoid bird-mom I'm being. I'm throwing out Teflon pans, checking every product in my house to make sure its safe and just being super paranoid in general. Am I being too paranoid here or not? Everyone I talk to...
  15. McBird

    bird safe metals for hooking toys to the cage

    I'm going by Lowes Hardware after work today and picking up some hooks to secure the toys to the cage. what metals should I request? I know nothing with zinc or lead.