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bird safe

  1. BirdLady13

    Cooked vs Raw

    How do you prepare butternut squash & sweet potatoes for your feathered friends? Cooked, raw, mashed, diced...
  2. Hoshi

    Looking for a safe rice cooker

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here had some recommendations for bird-safe rice cookers. My family really enjoys rice, just about with every meal, so a rice cooker is pretty much a must have in this house. Problem is, I'm having trouble finding one that is completely safe for birds. Any...
  3. bug_inarug

    Bird-safe products/companies?

    Hi everyone! First-time bird owner here, does anyone know if the following companies are bird-safe? - Black + Decker - Our Place - Breville - Daewoo - Revlon (curling irons) - Hamilton Beach - TechniVorm / MochaMaster - Whirlpool ovens I’m in the process of bird proofing and having a little...
  4. J

    hair dryers!!!

    I've been looking for a bird safe hair dryer. I know that it can't have teflon, but most of the non teflon ones I see say they're "ionic"? I looked it up and saw a thread from yeaarrsss ago saying that it was bad, but I couldn't find any other info. Does anyone know about this? What hair dryer...
  5. Lothetiel

    Bird safe cookware

    I really want to make aebleskivers (a danish dish, basically pancake balls) and for that I need an aebleskiver pan. Finding one with good reviews is difficult but finding one that’s bird safe as well is proving extremely challenging. Does anyone know any bird safe brands that have aebleskiver...
  6. peachypjm

    List of BIRD SAFE cleaning supplies

    So far the only things ive seen are F10 disinfectant, poop off, and nature's miracle cage cleaner. Anyone wanna help me out and let me know what bird safe cleaning supplies you all use? :pinksmile:
  7. T

    Are Blue Pure Air Purifiers safe?

    Looking into getting a new air purifier after finding out mine had ionizers active all the time. I was looking at the Blue Pure 411 since it is slim, inexpensive, and enough to cover my studio apartment. Link here. The do not emit ozone, UV, or ions, but state the following. "We do not utilize...
  8. LydiaB

    Am I Being Too Paranoid About Bird Safety?

    After having this bird for only a little over a week, I've realized how much of a paranoid bird-mom I'm being. I'm throwing out Teflon pans, checking every product in my house to make sure its safe and just being super paranoid in general. Am I being too paranoid here or not? Everyone I talk to...