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bird poop

  1. T

    does this look like bird poop of a sick bird

    does this look like bird poop of a sick bird? i don’t know if this is the right group to post this in i’m just learning how to use this website sorry
  2. CGrillo

    Molting Cause Watery Droppings?

    I’ve spoken about Luke recovering from an infection in previous threads. He’s been off antibiotics since Monday and we are between vets at the moment. I don’t want to drive myself crazy because most of his his poops seem to look good but there will be these few random watery droppings either...
  3. T

    Urgent My baby birds have a splayed leg issue and weird yellow poop. Please help!

    Good evening! I have recently been fostering 2 baby egrets (I think they are egrets. not sure) who were found on the road. I was planning on releasing them in the wild once they grew up. But now they both seemed to have developed splay legs issue. They also have weird yellowish poop which...
  4. EarthToEcho

    Urgent Brown Diarrhea

    I was hanging out with conure like normal and he pooped, but it doesn't look normal at all! I haven't changed his diet or anything. Should I be worried??
  5. A

    Pictures Droppings healthy?

    PICTURE OF BIRD DROPPINGS BEWARE! ---------------------------------------------------------------- So I had to raise a baby seagull (He is about a month and almost able to fly) and I'm worried about his droppings. Lately he has only been wanting to eat shrimps (he used to eat wet cat food and...
  6. mallory

    Linnie Droppings

    what is considered "normal" for a lennie's droppings? My girl's are large, watery, and varying from an orange color to a green. Is that normal or is something wrong? Thank-You.