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bird mites

  1. B

    Need Help-Mite?

    Baby canaries have red spots on their backs. Also, the mother had red spots on her feathers because she was sitting in the hatch. What could be the problem with baby canaries? Do you have an idea? Thanks
  2. Lucario223

    Mite Problem

    Hello! A while ago while getting my two lovebirds through a vet check-up i was informed there was a mite issue. I got the medication that the vet perscribed (Ivermectin) and for the past few months i have been applying two drops every two weeks. Recently for some reason the mites have been...
  3. R

    Urgent Female canary keep scratching

    Hi, i have a female canary who keep scratching around the chest and top of wing. Her partner just passed away with mites and respiratory problem yesterday. He was sick since this early week and i already separated them and spraying the whole cages twice , and also throw away the one that i can't...
  4. TheMacDadd

    URGENT There are mites in my birds cage

    Ok, so there are mites in my birds cage and as soon as I noticed i RAN to the store to grab some cleaning products so I can deep clean his cage. which of these products are appropriate to clean his cage? the first product is: all natural distilled white vinegar 2nd: dawn dishwash liquid soap...
  5. C

    Wits End: bird mites!

    I am at my wits end and I’m about to give my 11 year old’s bird away. He will be devastated. His cockatiel has bird mites and they won’t go away no matter what I do! I’ve hired an exterminator who was knowledgeable and had his own birds. I’ve scrubbed the cage weekly. I’ve treated the bird...
  6. F

    Urgent Strange feathers on cockatiels cheek.

    Hi everyone, can someone help me out with a cockatiel feather issue? My cockatiel, who is about 9, started growing cheek feathers (and by cheek I mean, right next to her beak, where the beak meets skin), that are almost crusty. The feathers do not form. They turn into these crusty little...
  7. EPS

    Bird mites in spray millet?!

    Hi all - Has anyone experienced bird mites or bird mites in spray millet?! I am very concerned because I think I've spotted mites while cleaning up after my bird. I have a suspicion that they might have been blood mites, so I inspected my bird's head and feet a few hours after lights out...