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bird help

  1. Moon Bird

    Identifying my conures Band

    So I’m super new to this “site” but I need help...! I have a conure that i desperately want to know the age of or where he’s from to ask questions about him.. I don’t know how to identify him from his leg band though. It’s reads “EA CA 12893” and I don’t know that that means. Can someone please...
  2. G

    What aviary should I get for my birthday? I need a cheap but big one around 100-400.

    Hello! I have 6 birds. I'm planning on expanding my flock :) But I need an aviary to put them all (hopefully they don't fight if th do i have a spare cage) anyways, I already have had the hexagonal aviary and it broke..so that's a no on my list. If you have a STAINLESS steel aviary that's even...
  3. tedzai

    new bird

    i'm a new big-bird owner, having only cockatiels and budgies in the past. I recently got a baby female CAG. I'm starting to get worried by how much she is ''cleaning'' herself and dislikes me, even though i've been patient, offered treats, and tried to bond with her. I don't know what i'm doing...