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bird biting

  1. X

    Quaker help?

    Hi all, new parrot owner here! I’ve recently adopted a super sweet Quaker that I’m just in love with. I spent 2 years researching, and making sure I knew how to care, what to expect, and even took bird care classes. I was prepared even knowing that I couldn’t know everything! Well, I adopted a 3...
  2. A

    Dusky headed conure behavioural issues

    Hey, wanted to post as I am at a complete loss at the moment. I recently brought home a rescue dusky headed conure, I was aware he had some behavioural issues but the previous owner definitely left a few things out. He is around 14 years old. So there is the biting, now i was told he did give...
  3. Dynasys

    I need some help with my lovebird

    Hey I've just joined this forum and this is my first time posting something on a forum of any kind so please let me know if I've left out any crucial information. I got a 7-8 week old lovebird last Sunday on the 23rd from an owner who hand raised her. My lovebird is comfortable around my...