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  1. L

    7 week old bird splochy feathers

    Hello i have a lovebird thats about 7 weeks old and he has no feathers on his head due to being attacked by bird when he was a baby. Thankfully his head feathers are growing back but that's not the main issue. Compared to his brothers and sisters his feathers have discolouration and is a bit...
  2. A


    So this is neither a canary or a finch , I found a house sparrow by the side of the road , it seems like she has broken her wing and she can't fly , she's very active other than that , I took her in since she was very vulnerable where she was (there's cats and dogs in the neighborhood) she is...
  3. alexandrag


    Hello there :) what pellets would you recommend for a cockatiel with FLD (fatty liver disease) ?
  4. A

    New bird not doing anything?

    I recently got a grey cockatiel, his name is Rio and this is my first bird ever, he is constantly breathing heavily and has fluffed up feathers. He hasn’t eaten any of the veggies, pellets, or drank any water. I tried giving him treats and he won’t take them, or he’ll move away from my hand. He...
  5. squeak514

    Jealous Lovebird ??

    My lovebird, Peaches, has a habit of biting whenever I have company over. She loves seeing new people and is quick to fly right to them, but whenever I get close (usually to pick her up myself or remove her if requested), I receive a nice, painful bite. When it's just her and I, she's incredibly...
  6. Bbybleu

    Budgie gently nibbling and going crazy?

    So my budgie does this thing once and a while where he goes on my shoulder and goes crazy. And my crazy I mean he moves his head around under my face and back up to my cheek and gently nibbles my lip. He goes on my collar bone too, and does this. I’m not sure how to explain it well but he just...
  7. P

    My Indian ring neck parakeet

    I have a male Indian ring neck parakeet and he is the most adorable thing! But I do have one question! Necko (my parakeet), is bought from a pet store! He was abonded there by his old family at 6 months old! So we brought him home. He prefers to be high up like on the curtains and lamps! He...
  8. Crystal&Rosie

    New on Avian Avenue

    hi, I’m new here and I’m a bird owner of 2 parakeets, Crystal and Rosie. I have included a picture of my birds!
  9. T

    Please help!

    Hello! I am currently having some problems with my cockatiel, Piper. We are currently unsure of Piper's sex so I will be using male pronouns when I mention him due to how we think he is a boy. First Issue: What sex is Piper? - I have had Piper for little over a year now. The breeder we got him...