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  1. Atiq

    Pictures Cockatiel Petting & Bonding Tips

    Hi there, my wife and I recently got a hand raised cockatiel. We got the cockatiel when he/she (we don’t know the sex yet) was about 12 weeks old and we’ve had it for 3 weeks now. I think it’s gotten really comfortable with me since I work from home and I put the tiel on my desk while I work and...
  2. parrotman

    Red feather on head, currently molting

    I Found a red feather on rocky's head, he's currently molting as of now, he's been getting all his essential vitamins and minerals, even fish oil as he was plucking, can the red feather be a red flag for something to panic over?, just curious about the red feather
  3. SeñorBirb

    I Have Obtained Bird

    I don't know the gender (it doesn't have that much yellow, so I was thinking female. It is a cinnamon, if that helps), I was hoping someone could help me out. The birb came with clipped wings :( (At least it is not severe, just barely clipped, but it is still sad). We are thinking of naming it...
  4. SeñorBirb

    YAY :D

    I got to meet my birb! He (IDK their gender, but I'm going to keep on saying he until I know :p ) is ready to take home, but we're going to wait a week (painted some rooms, not the one he is going to be in though). I'm so excited!!! (His talons are kinda sharp, and it kind of looks like i have...
  5. DimaTiel

    Can I have some seed pwease?

  6. SoapSoDope

    Is this poop normal?

    Hi Everyone! Anxious birb mom here. We've had our 3 month old cockatiel for a little over a week now. We're transitioning him to a pellet diet. He's currently at 75% seed/25% pellet. Just curious to know if this poop is normal. He did eat some veggies (romaine/carrot/broccoli chop) for the...
  7. bird_mama

    Clicker training and treats?

    Hi there! I live with my 2 year old feathered baby, a Congo African Grey. He has such personality, but I have a difficult time getting him to step up. I want to teach him how to step up on a stick before my hand like my GCC. I’ve bought a clicker already and I have a few questions: Do I need to...
  8. Bri_:3

    I am getting a Cockatiel very soon and I need help

    I am getting a cockatiel in like 4 weeks. I have no idea where to get one except Petsmart. Is it ok to get a cockatiel from here. I have no idea if it will be hand raised and will scared of me. I live in Indiana, is there anyway I could adopt from somewhere else. I have looked at numerous...
  9. Peri-Keet

    Is my Red Rump ugly?

    I have a baby Red Rumped parakeet/parrot who I love dearly, but everyone who I show pictures of him to is saying he's "kinda ugly" or "the ugly duckling". It happens usually after I show them pictures of mature red rumps, or other red rumps with more iridescent colors. I'm still unsure if he'll...
  10. O

    I have a cat but want a bird

    I love birds but I have two cats who are quite hunters any tips to keep them out of contact if I ever get one?