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  1. M

    Are my lovebirds compatible ?

    Hey guys so long story .. I have had my lovebird Mushu since March . He was given to me by my mother in law who had a pair. she received them from a friend who Apparently did not want them anymore ( not sure of their genders by the way)..While these two were together Mushu always got the worse...
  2. Rotaiva

    Tiel bites hard only when hand is in cage!

    So I'm having quite an interesting issue with my tiel Juniper. Each and every time I put my hand in her cage, she will peck and hiss and bite me quite hard, even if I'm simply changing out her food or cleaning something out. It's gotten to the point where she has broken skin. The very odd part...
  3. Tamzine

    How to use up Conure's pent up energy (tire him out)

    OK so, my green cheek conure is being pretty hormonal. not in an aggressive way, he (or she) has always been aggressive and territorial, but now he spends his time at the bottom of the cage swaying his head back and forth or making regurgitating bobbing movements (usually with a piece of paper...
  4. EarthToEcho

    Bird Attacking Family?

    Lately my Sunday conure (male) has been attacking my mom and dad. He makes it a point to fly at them to attack and gets really aggravated when they come near and will start biting me hard to let me know he's angry. What can I do to stop, or at least lessen, this behavior? (also, he is not...
  5. GabeCast

    If I get another bird will they still care about me?

    so I saw the cutest little tiel at the bird store today. I almost walked out the door with him, but I figured I should think about it. So he is almost 3 months old and is already bigger than my current cockatiel (lutino). Should I worry about the whole "simalar beak size rule" or should I not...
  6. Bomo08

    Keyboard aggression?

    My boyfriend and I recently got a bird. We both work from home so we're home all the time. I have a pet ball python but my boyfriend after a long time decided that he wanted a pet of his own and he really liked birds. After some talking, researching and looking around, he decided that he wanted...
  7. GCC_Quijote

    Picasso won't stop 'nail-gunning'

    So, quick backstory: When Picasso was new to our home (about 2 months old) they were doing construction on the apartment above ours. Consequently one of the very first sounds she learned to mimick was a high powered nail gun. Well, fast forward a couple of years and she's driving us nuts. she...
  8. cjy9375

    Regurgitation Problem

    Hello, I've recently brought home a 15 year old Male Harlequin Macaw. He regurgitates frequently when I'm home usually at least 3-4 times a night. I didn't believe this to be normal behavior and thought that he was sick. I took him to an Avian Veterinarian and they ran a bunch of blood work...
  9. xjillian

    Green Cheek Conure bobs head and then bites

    Hello! So I recently got a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure and he's (not sure if it's a boy or a girl) about two, almost three months old. Sometimes when I take him out of his cage and put him on the top of the cage, he'll start rapidly bobbing his head and then bite my hand hard. What does this...
  10. M

    Pictures Hey.. New here also

    Here's our crazy lady Jackie. She's a 22yrs old Umbrella Cockatoo. She's been very loving and trying to cuddle me (which trying not to or promote any sexual stimualtion) but she's been very mad with my husband the past 3 days. We have no idea why. lol