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beak injury

  1. A

    Urgent Macaw fell and her beak is hurting her and she does not want to eat

    Yesterday my macaw Ariel fell off a swing because the wire holding it up snapped. She has fallen farther than this before and hasn't really gotten hurt this bad, I'm worried the swing might have fallen on her or something, but I didn't really see what happened when she fell. She did bleed for a...
  2. J

    Beak injury?

    Hi there, I'm an owner of a close to 1yr old cockatiel, she's my first bird. Yesterday, she flew into a wall while I let her out. She does not show any visible injuries but I think her beak is injured. She is very hesitant of climbing her cage and only eats her millets, she does not eat her...
  3. enms

    Help out Blu

    Hello everyone! my baby Blu is around 4 months old and when he got in his cage he was trying out some acrobatics. He hurt his beak a few weeks ago climbing on the cage but I cured it with Neosporin. Now it looks a bit different any suggestions?( note he only goes in the cage to sleep and when I...
  4. C

    Sharing a happy story

    Hello All, I am new here, and signed up to connect with individuals who may have experienced the same thing as I have with my precious little birdy. Or, those in general living with a disabled bird. I have a Red Bellied Parrot, her name is Beelzebub (Beelzies or short). Believe me, the name...
  5. J

    Urgent I don’t know

    Hi all, I’m new the forum and a new friend to a young budgie. We purchased him from a local breeder about a month ago, he’s 3 months old now. Behaviourally he’s doing great, eating well and oh so friendly. Always asking to be rubbed around his head/neck and comes when called. I small bitting...
  6. Dexy2010

    Urgent Parakeet Broken Beak

    Hi everyone. So, last Friday our parakeet somehow managed to break his bottom beak. He has been to the vet and it was labeled "traumatic amputation" on the paperwork. He was given an antibiotic shot, a pain medication, and special food. He will not eat the food that was given to us and he...
  7. hrafn

    Pictures Taco broke his beak -_-

    Remember when I joked about this kid needing to be swathed in bubble wrap? :shifty: Pro tip: When you're getting so excited over a new toy that you've already bonked yourself hard on your cage bars twice, maybe you should stop smashing it for a second and let your mom move it to a safer...
  8. Lynx

    Urgent Bad beak trim?

    A couple of days ago I took my Senegal Sammy to a vet to get checked up, see if his beak and nails needed trimmed. They said his nails were fine but the beak was a little on the long side. Since then Sammy has been acting pouty in his cage and not eating his seed and pellet mix. He even won't...
  9. issajoy

    Pictures Soft section of beak?

    Hello, I've recently noticed that part of my macaw's, Ollie, beak appears to be soft in an area. It is a small section on her upper beak along the bottom edge, on both sides. I was wondering if this was normal, maybe her beak is growing? When I touch it she doesn't react, no pain or anything...
  10. EmmaAndEiffel

    Fast growing beak? Help

    I'm new here and i'm sorry if this is not the right place for this I have a 6 year old Rosella Hybrid who bruised his beak last year, my vet told me there was no damage and to just let it grow out, in last couple of months the discoloration disappeared and his beak grew really fast. I took him...
  11. Ajkehl

    Urgent Lovebird beak scratch

    Hello, I would appreciate some advice for my sweet lovebird. He got into a keychain today and managed to get his beak stuck in the rings of the key ring. He wasn't stuck very long and didn't struggle too hard, so no blood or cracks. However there is a pretty serious scratch there now...any...