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beak growth

  1. A

    Deformed beak? (Sad update post #20)

    Hi, new to group and hope I picked the right thread. I have rescued a young cockatoo from some dogs. No obvious injuries, very quiet as if he has had human contact previously but unable to find any owners. I have birds so have been feeding watering and testing ability to fly every day with no...
  2. J

    Bird lost his bottom beak

    We don’t know what happened but I’m pretty sure he was at the top of the door and one of the kids closed the door while he was on top. Anyways we are devastated. Took him to the vet and ran us up almost $2000 but we love him so it’s totally worth it. We haven’t seen him back yet but the dr said...
  3. Birdsbirbs

    Unsure if this is a normal beak appearance...

    Hey all, So Chewy paid a visit to the vet last month and all seemed well. I had them file his beak because there was a bit of a top layer that had developed on it. I know that flakey beaks are normal during moulting, however to vet said to keep an eye on it because overgrowth can be related to...
  4. conureluv

    What is this?

    He gets this patch of colored “beak” that looks like his beak previously flaked off and food got under it. It’s red when he eats strawberries and yellow when he eats his pellets. Is this bad? background info: 10 months old, male, hand fed, diet is Zupreem natural but I am switching him to Rowdybush.
  5. S

    my bird needs her beak trimmed, i need advice

    Hello! I’ve seen posts on this site in the past about many cockatiel related questions I had before, which seemed to help me out. But, I can’t find anything related to this so I am reaching out for advice. My situation is that I have a cockatiel who I’ve had for little over 3 years now. I...
  6. Travis726

    Beak heal/regrow?

    Anyone have any idea if my new green cheeks beak will heal? I have no idea how it happened as he is from a rescue with little history. Any advice to help it along if so? He LOVES carrots (as you can see from the photo)
  7. SherbertDibdab

    New Alexandrine

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and new to owning a high needs kinda bird We were given our Alexandrine (Sherbert) about two months ago so it should be about 11 months old. It started off quite coy but was happy to step up onto our arm and make its way up to the shoulder (with a closed fist -...
  8. PamBeasley

    Green Cheek Beak

    Hello friends! I haven't posted in a while because we've been busy keeping up with our newest edition, Westley, the turquoise green cheek! He just turned 6 months old and while we did a LOT of research (most of it being in this amazing forum), we're still learning as we go. I'm pretty...
  9. Lunchbox88

    New here and a somewhat new bird owner.

    Hello all. I have been browsing this forum for a while but am just now signing up here and had a few questions if you don't mind. First off my bird is an Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot named Rio that belonged to my grandmother and when she passed away me and my mom decided to take him as my mom was...
  10. hrafn

    Pictures Does Mr Taco need a beak trim?

    I'm still a big ol' dunce when it comes to macaws, so maybe I'm overreacting and Taco's beak is a-ok, but it looks pretty long to me so I thought I'd consult the macaw squad. :D
  11. G

    Her beak is very sharp

    my baby’s name is Lyric and she’s the best. She can be a brat here and there, though. It seems like her beak, though, is extreeeeeeeeemely sharp. I don’t know if I should take her somewhere to have her beak trimmed or not...I’m just a bit concerned. Can anyone help?
  12. issajoy

    Pictures Soft section of beak?

    Hello, I've recently noticed that part of my macaw's, Ollie, beak appears to be soft in an area. It is a small section on her upper beak along the bottom edge, on both sides. I was wondering if this was normal, maybe her beak is growing? When I touch it she doesn't react, no pain or anything...